Amazon installs AI camera in UK delivery vans

It was reported last year that Amazon had plans to install AI-equipped cameras on its vans in the UK to monitor delivery drivers. According to The Telegraph , the company now has such cameras installed on its vans in the UK. Privacy groups have expressed concern about the use of AI-equipped cameras to monitor delivery drivers along their routes.

Amazon will use two cameras to capture footage inside and on the roads. These cameras are designed to detect road violations and poor driving practices, giving an audio alert, as well as collecting data that Amazon can later use to evaluate drivers.

They won't permit drivers to be monitored in real-time and won't record sound. However, they can upload footage to a designated safety team in certain situations. You can be monitored for illegal road behavior, such as speeding or failure to stop.

GMB, the union representing Amazon workers, said that cameras in cabins are unnecessary and distracting. We are against cameras being pointed at drivers while they work. A spokesperson stated that this is surveillance and does not help driver safety.

A spokesperson for Amazon stated to The Telegraph in a statement that the purpose of this technology was to protect drivers and communities.