YouTube is offering new ways for creators to make a living with shorts and online shopping

YouTube is expanding the possibilities for creators to monetize content, interact and create new ideas for their channels. YouTube's Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, teased the features today in and they will be rolling out throughout the year.

YouTube Shorts has a wealth of new features, tools and features. YouTube claims it will roll out new video effects and editing capabilities to creators. It also allows them to reply to comments through creating Shorts -- similar to creators on TikTok.

YouTube is also planning to provide new opportunities for creators to monetize Shorts. These include expanding avenues of branded content, Super Chat, and eventually the ability to shop right from a Short.

The company states that the app will allow for shopping to be more widely available. It is also looking at other ways to integrate shopping into the YouTube experience.

YouTube will introduce several other features this year that will assist creators in creating new content. YouTube Studio will feature new insights. This will allow creators and viewers to better understand their audience and generate ideas for videos.

YouTube will allow creators to stream live together. This will help increase interactivity as well as solve the problem that viewers are often short of topics to discuss.

YouTube is also planning to expand the availability of a popular Twitch feature, gifted memberships. YouTube has already begun testing the previously introduced feature. Mohan however writes that YouTube intends to expand this capability in the future.

YouTube will soon launch an integration that will allow you to interact on YouTube with the video you are watching on TV. This integration will work only if both of your devices are signed in to the same account. The viewers will be able to comment, read and share videos using their mobile devices.

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